Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Surner Discount Oil? Check out the answers to these commonly asked questions about oil prices, fuel delivery timelines, online ordering, heating services, and more. If you haven’t created your free account to order heating oil online in Franklin and Hampshire County, click below.



About Us

Why choose Surner Discount Oil?

If you’re looking for fast, reliable fuel delivery at a great price, Surner Discount Oil is the right choice for you. We offer competitive oil prices, easy online ordering, heating services, and more to our customers.

What sets Surner Discount Oil apart?

When we say fast fuel delivery, we mean it! Surner Discount Oil promises to deliver your heating oil within 5–7 business days, period. Additionally, unlike some discount oil companies out there, we provide HVAC service to our customers through Surner Heating Co. You can enjoy all the benefits of discount fuel delivery and know that you have an experienced HVAC team available if you need someone to help with your heating system.

What makes your oil prices so low?

Operating as an online fuel ordering business allows our company to save on operating costs and translate those savings to our customers through low oil prices.

Which towns and cities do you deliver to?

Surner Discount Oil proudly offers fast, reliable fuel delivery to customers in Hampshire, Hampden, and Franklin Counties. Visit our website’s delivery area page for a list of the towns and cities we currently serve.


Delivery Policies

What is your minimum delivery?

Our minimum delivery is 125 gallons. If you take less than the minimum, your short delivery fee will be $75. The optimum time to order is when your tank is at 3/8 full, just above 1/4. You can order a fill at that point and feel comfortable that you will reach the minimum delivery. Once your delivery order is placed, you can expect it to arrive in 5–7 business days.

Which days do you deliver fuel?

We offer oil delivery Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) during normal business hours. If you have a heating emergency, please call Surner Heating Co. at (413) 253-5999.

Are there special policies for first-time deliveries?

Yes, if we are delivering to your home for the first time or haven’t delivered fuel to your property in more than a year, we require a tank inspection before completing the delivery. We offer this tank inspection completely free of charge and do so to meet insurance requirements. During this inspection, we will also confirm that your fuel tank has a sleeved oil line, which is required by the state.

What if I am not home during delivery?

Once your fuel tank has been inspected and meets the above requirements, you do not have to be home when we complete a delivery.

What if I need an emergency oil delivery?

If you have run out of heating oil or are about to, do not place an emergency oil order through our online portal. Call us directly at (413) 253-5999.


Ordering & Payment

What are my fuel payment options?

Payment is due at the time of your order. We accept credit/debit card payments from Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover, along with e-checks through ACH.

After I order online, when can I expect my fuel delivery?

Fuel deliveries will be made within 5–7 business days of your online order.


Heating Service

Does Surner Discount Oil provide heating service?

Yes, Surner Discount Oil customers can receive professional heating services through Surner Heating Co. Simply give us a call at (413) 253-5999. We’re happy to provide heating repairs, heating tune-ups, emergency heating service, and more to Surner Discount Oil customers.